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Flat monthly fee to supercharge your eCommerce business. Tier pricing to increase number of Promoted Product & Blogger Websites posting count.

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Starter Plan

USD 50 /mth
  • 20 Promoted Products
  • 5 Blog Sites Posting
  • Monthly renewal 
  • Free trial 14 days
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Growth Plan

USD 125 /mth
  • 60 Promoted Products
  • 15 Blog Sites Posting
  • Monthly renewal 
  • Free trial 14 days
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Pro Plan    

USD 350 /mth
  • 180 Promoted Products
  • 50 Blog Sites Posting
  • Monthly renewal
  • Free trial 14 days
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Custom Plan

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  • >180 Promoted Products
  • >50 Blog Sites Posting
  • Contract duration  12mths
  • Conceiged Setup Service
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For Merchant

Something to prepare before starting on Aconrity

Acornity is a Shopify plugin app that provides a marketplace for a merchant to connect with blogger to promote products via their blog site, social group or any online media platform. Bloggers are free to choose who they want to work with on mutually open terms. Merchant sets a commission payout offer to Blogger. On every successful visitor conversion from the merchant Shopify store, the Bloggers will receive this pre-agreed commission payment from the Merchant. It will be required that both Merchant and Blogger to have a Stripe account to facilitate this commission payout process.

Acornity App is the first of its kind advertiser-publisher-neutral marketplace service in the world. Unlike conventional "affiliate referral networks" which are restricted to single-merchant or man-in-the-middle-gatekeeper limitation, Acornity lets any merchant to get engaged with any blogger to drive higher sales with the most efficient cost position.

Advantages of Acornity App marketplace
    • provides multiple channels to offer your content service
    • automates all the commission processing
    • merchant and blogger operates with greater transparency
    • pick any product to promote based on commission rates declared by merchants
    • receives repeating commission based on the performance of conversion
    • Blogger gets to use the platform for free
    • Acornity does not take any cut from Blogger Commission
Acornity now

Supercharged eCommerce

Get more traffic with a higher conversion rate by using Acornity app in your Shopify Storefront