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A marketplace that binds the goodness of curated  content and the cost efficiency of performance based commission. Bringing you Acornity, the sponsored content ads network.


Create Graphical Native Ads

Native Ads are widgets of your product promotion message displayed sucidly in the heart of an affiliated blogger website. You get to put an image of the product inline with the marketing message as the ads body. This creates a seamless flow for the content a visitor is reading and the follow on display of your Native Ads. Improving the click through rate and with a visitor tracking duration of 90 days to maximize the chance of a referral sales conversion at your webstore.

Find Relevant Content Partners

The power of Organic Search working in your best favour. Leveraging on recent advances in Machine Learning "ML" technology which intelligently analyses content that matches human cognitive sense. Making traditional SEO tactics irrelevant. Well written concise Product Reviews will be picked up by ML capable Search Engines as high relevance and shows up in top search results. Ready to be picked up by your next customer.

Gets Higher Qualified Visitor Traffics

Know which product is drawing higher market interest, where are your visitor referrals coming from and which blogger provides the highest conversion rate. Our cloud-based tracking technology captures all interaction on your product review. Letting you know which product has the highest market interest, which blogger is referring the most visitors and finally converts to be your customer. You can now steer a high precision campaign to propel your eCommerce growth.

For Merchant

Find Better Merchant

Our system inserts a Call-To-Action (CTA) snippet into your product review article. We call this the Widget.  The Widget is displayed inline with the bespoke product review article, making it a native experience to the user.  A natively presented CTA eliminate user blind spot, ensuring the highest click through on the Widget and leads the visitor directly to the product page on your eCommerce site.

Insert Native Ads JS Script

The product review content is produced specifically for the product you are promoting. A well produced content is the most relevant exposure to entice a visitor. We call this "Visitor Pre-Conditioning". Visitor Pre-Conditioning has been shown to significantly improves conversion rate by conveying high-quality information to correctly targeted audience.

Performance based Commission

As a merchant, you will pay a Commission to the Blogger for each referred Visitor that has successfully converted by purchasing at your web store. The Commission is defined by you as the merchant and is conveyed to the Blogger before they begin working on your product review. The merchant will be able to review each conversion event and approve the transaction for payout. The Blogger will receive the payout in their bank account directly via Stripe Connect payment processor. 

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