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Here you will find answers to most common questions you may have before deciding to join Acornity as an Independent Content Partner.

Commission & Payout

Blogger gets a commission whenever a visitor referred from their blog-site converts at a Shopify Store and made a purchase. The commission value is defined by the Store which can be a Percentage % value of the Item or Cart Value, or it can be a fixed $ value. Typically, the commission value is in the tens of percentage range.
Upon joining Acornity SCM, you will gain access to the Shopify Merchant Stores list where you can browse their profile such as details of product promotion offered, their commission offer and the store ecommerce site. Using our web app, you will be able to enquire any of the Stores expressing your interest in becoming their Independent Content Partner. The Store Owner will then review your profile and decide if to accept your request. After that, you will be able to start your product promotion activity.
A successful conversion is counted for every new visitor that is referred from a Blogger content site to the partnering Shopify Merchant Store, which complete a paid purchase transaction within 90days from when they are referred. The commission value will be calculated on the declared commission offer by the respective Shopify Merchant. The Shopify Merchant can choose to offer a commission on one of the following:

  • Percentage % of the Shopping Cart Total Check Out Value
  • Percentage % of the Specific Promoted Item Value in the Shopping Cart Check Out
  • Flat Fee $ when the Specific Promoted Item is Check Out

  • Note: Cart check out that did not complete a payment process is not counted as a successful conversion. Subsequent purchase from the customer on the merchant site is not counted as a conversion.

    Work Flow

    The first thing to do is go ahead to our Blogger Registration Page and start your sign up process. If you have not received our Invitation Code via Email, you can submit your Express of Interest to join us. Note that only selected Blogger that meets our quality profile assessment will be invited. It is crucial to provide as much information on your existing live blog/social/video-share site to present to potential Store Owners. You will also need to complete the Stripe-Connect payment processing setup which you will need a valid local bank account to use for receiving of funds from Store Owner commission payout. Once the engagement setup is completed, the blogger can proceed to browse for suitable product offer from the product library of our listed Stores. You will then select and submit your interest to engage with these Stores. 
    Upon choosing the product that you want to promote, the Ads Widget javascript code will be automatically generated and can be found at the Acornity-Blogger-PromotedProduct list. Each Ads Widget is unique that it links your Blogsite-the Promoted Product-the Shopify Merchant. You will need to insert the javascript tag without modification into the HTML page position within the blog site you have registered in Acornity. The Ads Widget code will be responsible for displaying the correct CTA message on your blog site that matches the content you have prepared. It is crucial that you only apply the designated javascript tag to the blog site URL that you have engaged with the Merchant Store. You may submit for multiple blog site URL in your profile and spread the promotion across numerous web domains to widen your traffic catchment.
    You can check all the traffic and transaction details from Acornity Blogger web app. The system is, and you will be able to see live traffic impression count, click through to the respective Merchant Stores and actual conversion with the commission value computed. You can download these detail and perform offline analysis using any spreadsheet application. Please note that the final receivable funds will be nett off all payment gateway and banking processing fees.


    The relationship between Acornity and Blogger is Service Provider and Service Subscriber. The Service is Acornity affiliate Ads network. The Service is delivered to the Subscriber at a monthly renewable term. The Service is provided as a marketplace model where Blogger is free to engage with Merchant Stores on the marketplace to facilitate online Ads placement activities. The Merchant offer to pay a commission in monetary value to the Blogger upon successful referral of visitor to the Merchant online store that made a purchase. The commission payment is processed directly between Merchant and Blogger at a mutual willing condition.
    Affiliate Content Partner is the entity name used in Acornity Affiliate Ads marketplace to address Blogger/Influencer that has signed up in the platform and agreed to share their Blog professional profile to be viewed by Merchant using the same service.
    Acorntiy is the trade name of Acornity Pte Ltd. We are a technology company from Singapore. Our core business is in developing online content marketing software-as-service for eCommerce application. Shopify is the trade name of Shopify Inc from Canada which is public listed on the USA NYSE. Acornity is a registered ShopifyPartner which provides software app that works with Shopify eCommerce platform.
    We welcome all Blogger and Influencer to join our platform as Independent Content Partner. You may have already received an invitation email from our Partner Recruitment Team with instruction to register and starting your account. Alternatively, you can submit your application on our web form here Blogger Registration Form to initiate a application request and our team will get back to you on the next step. 

    Privacy & Rights

    All original content produced by the Blogger belongs to the Blogger. This excludes any public domain information that is generally known or published by other prior art. There are no transfer or assignment of intellectual property rights being offered or implied when a merchant engage the customer referral service with a Blogger via Acornity Affiliate Ads marketplace service.
    The Blogger do not have the access or ownership to the visitor information. The visitor trakcing information is used only for validating conversion event. It will not be used or release to any other external systems on any intend.
    Acornity services are fully compliant to GDPR regulation. Our system will delete all identity information when a user (Blogger, Merchant) decided to cancel their account. For compliance to Singapore Local Financial Code requirement, we shall maintain a record of all monetary transaction trail that has affected payout between Merchant to Blogger for 7 years.
    The Ads Widget is dynamically delivered and synched with our app server. Should any of the linked party (i.e. Blogger, Merchant) decided to leave the service, remove the product from promotion or delete their account, the Ads Widget will go into a muted mode and will not show any display on your deployed blog site. There is no action required on the Blogger to remove the Ads Widget javascript insert.