About Acornity-SCM

Last modified: Sep 30, 2018

ACORNITY - SCM (Sponsored Content Marketplace)

The most effective inbound marketing service for niche segment e-commerce businesses.

What do we do?

Acornity-SCM is a performance-based inbound digital marketing SaaS service. The service works by displaying a native advertisement curated by a real human subject expert. We usually address these experts as influencer/ blogger. The Advertiser can activate the service from Shopify App Store and explore to engage with influencer/blogger from our marketplace.

What do you get as an Advertiser?

The benefits of having influencer/blogger in curating native advertisement allow your ad to be displayed inline with highly relevant content and delivered within a fluid context experience to visitors. Your ad is positioned within a webpage where the blogger has full control in crafting. These original content serves to promote your product in the most relevant manner.

Search engines are more receptive towards original content and rank these webpage higher in organic search results, making your product discovered without additional PPC cost or SEO effort. Moreover, your ad will have exposure reach to the social-media followers of the influencer/blogger network. When followers share the blogger webpage to their friends, your ad will automatically reach more viewers without the added cost of regular social-media ad placement fees.

Acornity-SCM redirect visitor clicks on the native advertisement to the advertiser e-commerce site. The blogger will then receive a commission from the advertiser when that visitor converts to become a paying customer.

What do you get as a Publisher?

As a Publisher, you get to choose which advertiser product you want to work with. You earn better commission from the low competition nature of direct engagement with the advertiser. You get upfront knowledge about the advertiser e-commerce site details and commission offers. Both advertiser and publisher have full clarify on each others standing before engaging into an advertiser-publisher arrangement.

You get to control the nature of ad display on your blog website. This control allows you to maintain consistency of your brand image and avoid embarrassment or questionable subject being displayed in your blog space.  Such unruly experience can happen with traditional affiliate marketing system or content discovery system where rogue ads can reach your display space.

Why Human-Curated Content Relevance?

The difference between Acornity-SCM vs other traditional digital advertising services (e.g. PPC, CPM, Real-time ad-Space Bidding, Affiliate Marketing System) hinges on human-curated content relevance. 

Our native ads are displayed inline within a piece of content crafted by a human with expertise in the subject concerned. The most critical factor in effective digital marketing is delivering highly relevant content to accurately targeted audience. 

Acornity-SCM delivers native ads in a human-content-harmonised fluidity that is not attainable by traditional key-word auto-tagging method. 

We don't intrude

The Acornity-SCM platform does not make a random guess or favour the highest bidder and proceed to inject ad with irrelevant or offensive material into a website. These actions irritate the visitor and hurt the performance of that website social-authority ranking.

We do not spook visitor by tracking their post-visit activity and inject "re-target" ads in another website they may visit in a later time.

Our motto

Acornity upholds the highest respect for privacy and strives to offer sustainable value to the development of the e-commerce industry.