About Acornity Affiliate Ads network

Last modified: Aug 15, 2019

ACORNITY - Affiliate Ads Network

Publish native ads on influencers/ bloggers websites and reach new customer segment for e-commerce business.

What do we do?

Acornity App is a 3-in-1 marketing tool to help ecommerce merchants to reach higher quality traffic using blogger-sponsored content advertisement. The service lets ecommerce merchants engage with Acornity's pool of blogger/ influencers to have their product featured on blog websites. The product will be posted as a native display advertisement, which links back to the ecommerce store product page. The merchant receives inbound traffic with a higer conversion profile from these pre-qualified blog website. The ecommerce merchant will then pays a commission to the referring blogger when a visitor convers to make a purchase on their ecommerce website.

What do you get as an Advertiser?

The benefits of having influencer/blogger in curating native advertisement allow your ad to be displayed inline with highly relevant content and delivered within a fluid context experience to the visitor. Your ad is positioned within a webpage where the blogger has full control in crafting. These original content serves to promote your product in the most relevant manner.

Search engines are more receptive towards original content and rank these webpage higher in organic search results, making your product discovered without additional PPC cost or SEO effort. Moreover, your ad will have exposure reach to the social-media followers of the influencer/blogger network. When followers share the blogger webpage to their friends, your ad will automatically reach more viewers without the added cost of regular social-media ad placement fees.

Acornity App redirect visitor clicks on the native advertisement to the advertiser e-commerce site. The blogger will then receive a commission from the advertiser when that visitor converts to become a paying customer.

What do you get as a Publisher?

As a Publisher, you get to choose which advertiser product you want to work with. You earn better commission from the low competition nature of direct engagement with the advertiser. You get upfront knowledge about the advertiser e-commerce site details and commission offers. Both advertiser and publisher have full clarify on each others standing before engaging into an advertiser-publisher arrangement.

You get to control the nature of ad display on your blog website. This control allows you to maintain consistency of your brand image and avoid embarrassment or questionable subject being displayed in your blog space.  Such unruly experience can happen with traditional affiliate marketing system or content discovery system where rogue ads can reach your display space.

How does a Merchant pays commission to Blogger?

Commission payout is processed via Stripe, using their peer-to-peer settlement service called "Stripe-Connect". Blogger will be required to register a local bank account into Stripe-Connect to facilitate receiving of incoming funds. This can be done during account setup in Acornity Blogger app. Merchant will register using a creditcard facility into Stripe-Connect for making commission payout transaction.

Commission funds are paid directly into the Blogger Stripe-registered bank account. Acornity uses OpenExchangeRate.org to take care of currency exchange so that Blogger received funds in their local currency denomination. Blogger will receive the funds nett off Banks and Stripe processing fees. The funds will generally be deposited within 5 days from when the Merchant perform the payout approval.

Acornity does not take any cut from these Commission. Blogger can check your commission details via the Acornity Blogger web app or via Stripe transaction record. Merchant can see all the commission transaction and has the option to manually validate them before a payout is transacted. For more details about Stripe and their Stripe-Connect processing fee, please check this link About Stripe-Connect. For current exchange rate applied to your local currency, please check this link OpenExchangeRate.org.

Why Content Relevance?

The difference between Acornity App vs other traditional digital advertising services (e.g. PPC, CPM, Real-time ad-Space Bidding, Affiliate Marketing System) hinges on human-curated content relevance. 

Our native ads are displayed inline within a piece of content crafted by a human with expertise in the subject concerned. The most critical factor in effective digital marketing is delivering highly relevant content to accurately targeted audience. 

Acornity App delivers native ads in a human-content-harmonised fluidity that is not attainable by traditional key-word auto-tagging method. 

We are inbound Ads

The Acornity App platform does not make a random injection of ads into non-irrelevant or offensive material into a website. These are commonly used by in-bound push ads which irritate the visitor and hurt the performance of that website social-authority ranking.

All of our Ads delivery are curated and positioned by real human. The merchant makes a decision on which blogsite they want their product ads to be displayed and the blogger who operates that blogsite will detemine the best placement of the Acornity Ads within their content flow.

That is the reason why Acornity Ads plays nice with relevant context and content, guiding the visitor experience from a casual reader to an engaged prospect. We called this the visitor pre-conditioning flow.

Supported Platform

Acornity App is a cloud based SaaS product. We work with major e-commerce platform provider such as Shopify, Woocommerce, Bigcommerce as integrated plugin. Irregardless of where a merchant may be connecting from, they will always be able to connect to all our blogger partners on the same workflow.