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Built for Growth

Acornity is an integrated blogger outreach, native Ads placement, customer acquisition and commission payout service, all rolled into one.

Reach New Customers

Tap the power of content marekting by having your product featured on influencer blog site and reach new customers.  

Get More Customers

Place native Ads on blog sites with high relevance content. Performance based commission model that charge only for genuine purchase conversion.

Build Influencer Network

Engage with influencers and expand your social network coverage. Gain loyal followers for your brand.

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Create your product Ads campaign right at your eCommerce Admin Panel

Acornity is an eCommerce extension app that you can add to your web store without any complex integration work. The app is natively developed to operate seamlessly with your eCommerce workflow, and it is designed with ease of use in mind. There are no easier ways to grow your eCommerce business with the most cost effective value.

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Supercharged eCommerce

Get more traffic with increased conversion rate by using Acornity app with your eCommerce Storefront 

How it works

The Secret Sauce

A cloud-based technology that delivers your Product Promotion Campaign to highly relevant content space.

Bespoke Product Review

A bespoke product review is a custom produced article that emphasise a product unique features and relay it in the most relevant way. Acornity has a large pool of influencer blogger with diverse subject expertise to help you in producing content and have them published on a myriad of online media such as blog website, video sharing and social media. You will get a boost in immediate visitor exposure from the influencers' followers.

Easily Found by Search Engines

The power of Organic Search working in your best favour. Leveraging on recent advances in Machine Learning "ML" technology which intelligently analyses content that matches human cognitive sense. Making traditional SEO tactics irrelevant. Well written concise Product Reviews will be picked up by ML capable Search Engines as high relevance and shows up in top search results. Ready to be picked up by your next customer.

Higher Conversion 

Know which product is drawing higher market interest, where are your visitor referrals coming from and which blogger provides the highest conversion rate. Our cloud-based tracking technology captures all interaction on your product review. Letting you know which product has the highest market interest, which blogger is referring the most visitors and finally converts to be your customer. You can now steer a high precision campaign to propel your eCommerce growth.

Native Ads Placement

Our system inserts a Call-To-Action (CTA) snippet into your product review article. We call this the Widget.  The Widget is displayed inline with the bespoke product review article, making it a native experience to the user.  A natively presented CTA eliminate user blind spot, ensuring the highest click through on the Widget and leads the visitor directly to the product page on your eCommerce site.

High Relevance to Content

The product review content is produced specifically for the product you are promoting. A well produced content is the most relevant exposure to entice a visitor. We call this "Visitor Pre-Conditioning". Visitor Pre-Conditioning has been shown to significantly improves conversion rate by conveying high-quality information to correctly targeted audience.

Performance based Commission

As a merchant, you will pay a Commission to the Blogger for each referred Visitor that has successfully converted by purchasing at your web store. The Commission is defined by you as the merchant and is conveyed to the Blogger before they begin working on your product review. The merchant will be able to review each conversion event and approve the transaction for payout. The Blogger will receive the payout in their bank account directly via Stripe Connect payment processor. 

Pricing Plan

Simple Flat Monthly Fee

Pay a flat monthly fee to supercharge your eCommerce business. Tier pricing for increase Promoted Product & Blogger Engagement count..

To use Acornity you need to have a Shopify Store and install our service from the Shopify App Store. You can sign up for a Shopify Store Account at the following link.

Starter Plan

USD 50 /mth
  • 20 Product Promoted 
  • 10 Blog Site Posting
  • Monthly renewal plan
Free Trial

Growth Plan

USD 125 /mth
  • 60 Product Promotion
  • 30 Blog Site Posting
  • Monthly renewal plan
Free Trial

Pro Plan

USD 350 /mth
  • 180 Product Promotion
  • 90 Blog Site Posting
  • Monthly renewal plan
Free Trial
  • Subscription is charge via Merchant Shopify account.
  • Monthly Plan no lock in.
  • Free trial for 14 days.
  • Benefits

    Discover the Acornity  

    Against conventional PPC, SEO tweaks and Consumer Online Behavior. We have some real answers.

    Conventional PPC gets too expensive

    PPC and direct media snippets have been the staple of conventional online marketing tools. In recent years, the increasing number of consumers have grown to ignore them automatically. The proliferation of ads-blocking software further dampen the dire PPC situation. These consequences lead to a bad return on investment with PPC and direct media advertising. 

    Many independent studies have shwown how PPC effectiveness has deteriorated. In this report from a reputed business consultancy firm, it has shown that the PPC cost/conversion has been rising since 2005 in their cost/return performance and appears to continue on this trend into the future.

    Comparing between a click on a typical PPC ads vs Organic Search Result, the quality of traffic coming back from the Organic Search is always better.

    Poorly targeted traffics means very low conversion on your sites. You may  receive waves of non-converting visitors and feed false hope about your costly PPC marketing campaign.

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    Orgnic Search vs SEO Tweaks

    Organic Search is the most effective online marketing method to allow your product to be found on the internet without paying for ineffective PPC campaign. Majority of the internet users have grown to become immune to paid-advertisement on search results page. Their focus is always the Organic Search result  and sidetrack inserts that are from PPC. To achieve success in online marketing, your priority will be to move up to higher ranking in Organic Search.

    SEO used to be a viable method to tweak a website search ranking by trying to beat the search algorithm. However, recent progression in Machine Learning Ranking technology has enable most search engines to "understand" the context within a page and rank the site based on the quality of its content. The Machine Learning technology as its name implies, will continue to become more concise over time and SEO tweaking is no longer be a viable option to raise site ranking. 

    To get high ranking in the modern Organic Search battlefield, we must have original, relevant content that are published in multiple sites with higher traffic profile. Acornity gets your product to be reviewed by multiple Bloggers and published on multitude of 3rd party blog site with each pointing back towards your eCommerce Store Front.

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    High Conversion Consumer Behavior

    The final step in converting visitor to real customer is convincing them to make an informed decision.

    Conventional eCommerce system has a shortcoming in converting new visitor effectively. Visitor has a natural defensive frame of mind when they first arrived at a storefront. Even if there are "onsite testimonial by other  customer", they are just not very convincing. Reason being that, this information are intentionally feed-in on the eCommerce transaction site rather than discovered through organic search through external 3rd party site such as Blogsites.

    This is where Acornity Sponsored Content comes in. Every piece of product review or media sharing content are discovered by visitor via organic search. When the visitor consume these content, they enter into a promotor mode also known as "EKB Model" where their mindset will be most receptive and allowing the product feature and benefits to be fully conveyed. This is the "Pre-Condition" state of a high conversion visitor.

    A Pre-Conditioned visitor will be in the best state of mind to make the purchase decision when they arrive at your eCommerce storefront. With Acornity you achieve this Pre-Condition effect and gain high conversion customer coming to your Store Front. 

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    Blogger Network

    Calling on
    Blogger & Influencer

    We are looking for aspiring Bloggers and Influencers to join our platform as Independent Content Producers. Earn repeating commission by promoting product from our Merchant Network.

    Blogger come join us
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    Supercharged eCommerce

    Get more traffic with increased conversion rate by using Acornity app with your eCommerce Storefront